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Is Therapeutic Laser Right for My Pet?

We have just added a brand new therapeutic laser to our practice! This exciting new piece of equipment gives us a safe and effective new way to treat pain and inflammation in our exotic species. Therapeutic laser is used very frequently in small animal and equine medicine, as well as in human chiropractic and sports medicine. Laser therapy delivers light energy to damaged cells, helping to reduce pain and promote healing on a cellular level. Any painful or inflammatory condition can be improved with laser therapy.

Our practice uses the Multi Radiance Medical ActiVet Laser, which is completely safe for even the smallest exotic pets. Most treatments take less than two minutes and require minimal restraint.

A treatment plan will be developed for your pet depending on the condition being treated. Some acute conditions only require 1-6 treatments. Those of a more chronic nature may require 10-12 treatments. Severe arthritis requires ongoing periodic care to control inflammation and pain symptoms.

You will typically notice improvement in your pet’s pain symptoms after the first treatment. Anti-inflammatory treatments usually require several sessions to produce visible results.

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