Going Out of Town? 
Leave the Pet Care to Us!

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Download and Print our Boarding form

When you are all packed and ready to go on that vacation or business trip, For Pet's Sake is here to take care of your pet while you are away. Our boarding services will make sure that you do not have to worry about the care of your pet during your absence.

All animals are required to have had a physical exam within the past year before being allowed to board at For Pet's Sake. This protects your pet as well as all the other pets staying with us. If the exam was done at another hospital, documentation of the exam must be provided before we can board your pet. Ferrets and rabbits must be current on their vaccinations before boarding. If your pet is due for their yearly check-up and/or vaccinations while boarding, the procedure(s) will be done by one of our veterinarians during your pets stay. Appropriate fees will be charged for this service.
Here are a few details about our boarding arrangements for different species:

Birds: We will provide the cage, perches, food bowls, fresh vegetables and fruit, and formulated diets. We have both Harrison's Bird Diet and ZuPreem pellets as well as various seed mixes. If your bird is on a different pellet formula, we ask that you bring enough to cover your pet's stay. Feel free to bring your own cage for small birds if it isn't too large for you to carry.

Herbivores (Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas): We furnish the cage, food and water containers, litter boxes, fresh greens, hay, and pellets. We carry both Oxbow and Purina brands of pellets.

As of November 2021, rabbits boarding with us will be required to have the RHDV vaccine prior to their stay.

Other Mammals (Ferrets, Rodents, Sugar Gliders, etc…): We provide the cage (except for the smaller species), food and water containers, bedding, and litter boxes. We carry Zupreem Ferret Diet and Purina Rodent pellets. If your pet is used to a specific diet or mixture, we ask that you bring enough food to cover your pet's stay.

Reptiles: We provide the cage for most species except very small snakes and lizards. We have plenty of fresh greens and other vegetables on hand for herbivorous species. Please provide any other food for carnivorous species. Usually there is no need to bring your lighting or heating elements. We can no longer board large iguanas greater than 4 feet.