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All animals are required to have had a physical exam at our hospital within the past year in order to board. This protects your pet as well as all the other pets staying with us. Ferrets and rabbits must be current on their vaccinations before boarding. Vaccine series must be completed at least two weeks prior to boarding to ensure that full immunity is reached
We will provide the cage, perches, food bowls, fresh vegetables and fruit, and formulated diets. We have both Harrison's Bird Diet and ZuPreem pellets as well as various seed mixes. If your bird is on a different brand of food, we ask that you bring enough to cover its stay. 

Rabbits and Rodents
We furnish the cage, food and water containers, litter boxes, fresh greens, hay, and pellets. We carry both Oxbow and Purina pellets. As of November 2021, rabbits boarding with us will be required to complete the RHDV vaccine series at least two weeks prior to boarding.

Other Mammals (Ferrets, Rodents, Sugar Gliders, etc…):
We provide the cage (except for the smaller species), food and water containers, bedding, and litter boxes. We carry Zupreem Ferret Diet and Purina Rodent pellets. If your pet is used to a specific diet or mixture, we ask that you bring enough food to cover your pet's stay.

We provide the cage for most species except very small snakes and lizards. We have plenty of fresh greens and other vegetables on hand for herbivorous species. Please provide any other food for carnivorous species. Usually there is no need to bring your lighting or heating elements. We can no longer board large iguanas greater than 4 feet.

Boarding rates apply to healthy pets.
If your pet is on medication or has a health concern, additional fees will apply.


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