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The Atlanta area is fortunate enough to have several wildlife rescue organizations, licensed rehabbers, and nature centers to assist in the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife.

If you find injured or orphaned wildlife, please first call the GA DNR for advice on how to proceed. 


The GA DNR publishes a list of licensed rehabilitators by county who are legally allowed to rehab certain species. They also offer advice on what to do if you find sick or diseased animals.

AWARE Wildlife Center is located in Stonecrest, GA. Their mission is to "rehabilitate injured and orphaned native Georgia wild animals and educates the public about peaceful coexistence with wildlife."

 "Wild Nest Bird Rehab, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to rehabilitating Georgia's injured and orphaned birds for release back to the wild and educating the public about their conservation."   

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