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What To Expect

Annual and Physical Exams
Your pet's annual visit will include a thorough head-to-toe physical exam. 
Based on the physical exam findings, your veterinarian will provide an estimate with recommendations for diagnostics, medications, and/or procedures. You will be able to review this estimate with your vet to make a plan for your pet's care.

Urgent Care Exams

Appointments with our veterinarians may be booked out for 1-2 weeks. For this reason, we provide an urgent care service that can accommodate pets with more acute concerns. Our urgent care service works on a triage model. This means that we will accept and treat the most critical cases first. If your pet has a minor illness or injury or a chronic condition, you may be asked to schedule an examination at a later date. 
When you arrive for your urgent care appointment, you will fill out history forms and pre-authorize medical treatments and diagnostics. A deposit is required at the time of arrival. The veterinarian will call you with an estimate and a plan for care. Plan to drop off your pet for several hours, as more critical patients may need to be seen first. 

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