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At For Pet's Sake, we are doing what we can in accordance with CDC and AVMA guidelines to protect our clients and staff from COVID-19. 

We are closely monitoring updates from the CDC and AVMA  and will be adding resources to this page as they become available.

Georgia Daily Status Report (DPH)

Rolling Updates from WHO

Symptoms of COVID-19 (CDC)

FAQs for Pet Owners (AVMA)

Coronavirus in Other Species (AVMA)

SARS-CoV-2 in Ferrets

Employees that feel ill are instructed to stay home from work in accordance with CDC guidelines.

We ask that any clients that feel ill to reschedule elective procedures and exams for their pets.

Any clients feeling ill that also have sick pets will be placed in contact with the State Veterinarian for treatment, in accordance with current AVMA guidelines.

We care deeply about our clients, patients, and employees, and are doing what we can to keep each other safe.

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