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We currently can not accept uninjured orphaned wildlife. You may take orphaned wildlife to a licensed rehabilitator from the GA DNR. Note that it is illegal to keep orphaned wildlife without a license.

We are able to accept injured native wildlife as a service to our local community. If you find an injured wild animal, call us at (404) 248-8977 for instructions on how to proceed. Please fill out our Wildlife Intake Form prior to arrival. 

Check out AWARE Wildlife Center's helpful tips on how to safely transport wildlife.

**Note that we do not accept bats and raccoons due to the rabies risk.

**Until further notice, we also do not accept wild rabbits for any reason due to the ongoing outbreak of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus in wild rabbits, and the risk it poses to our domestic rabbit patients. More information about RHDV2 can be found here.

Some young animals that may appear to be orphaned are actually still being monitored by the parents and should be left alone. Species-specific information can be found below:

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